Though, there are some tricks to message someone without adding contact, first you have to add a person’s phone number to your contacts, to message them in WhatsApp properly. There is no necessary for a contact for the recipient’s side to receive messages. Adding contact makes a lot of difference in the security perspective. 

There are some security features in Whatsapp, like showing your last seen, profile photo, and your status only to your contacts. Let explore the steps in this article.

How to Add Someone on WhatsApp: Android

Follow the steps below to add someone to WhatsApp on your android phone. 

1. Launch WhatsApp: Tap on the WhatsApp icon in the menu to do it. 

2. Open a conversation: Tap over the new message symbol, in the lower right corner of the WhatsApp main window. how to add someone on whatsapp-steps-13. Add Contact: Now, tap the add contact option which looks like a person with plus sign. how to add someone on whatsapp4. Enter Name: Type the name of the contact in the fields and select ok. how to add someone on whatsapp

5. WhatsApp Loading: Wait for a few seconds while WhatsApp refreshes contacts. 

6. Type the name: In the search box type the name and there you will see the added contact with profile picture (If profile picture is enabled by that contact). how to add someone on whatsapp7. Message the contact: Now you can send any message to that contact. how to add someone on whatsapp

How to Delete WhatsApp Contact

Deleting a contact is different from deleting your WhatsApp account. Follow the steps below to delete a person from your contacts. 

1. Open Contacts: This can be done by tapping on the contacts icon in your home screen. In some phone you have to open the dialer and then choose contacts. How to Delete WhatsApp Contact

2. Type the name: Do it in the search box, and find the contact. How to Delete WhatsApp Contact3. Delete the contact: Tap and hold on the contact and select delete. How to Delete WhatsApp Contact Now you have successfully deleted your contact, it will automatically delete the contact in WhatsApp. Still if there are any chats left with the that number, delete the chats in a similar fashion in Whatsapp. 

How to Add Someone on WhatsApp: iPhone

Follow the steps below in your iPhone to add a person in WhatsApp 

1. Open WhatsApp: Launch the WhatsApp by tapping on the icon. 

2. Go to Chats: Tap on the chats option. how to add someone on whatsapp iphone3. Go to New Message: Tap on the new message option on top right corner. how to add someone on whatsapp iphone4. Open New Contact: Tap on the new contact option. how to add someone on whatsapp iphone

5. Enter Details: Enter the name in the fields and tap on done. how to add someone on whatsapp iphone

6. Send Message: Again, tap on new message and select the contact you have added, that’s it you have added that person successfully and message him/her. 

In conclusion, to be proper and without using the trick to send message without adding contact, add the contacts as explained in the article. 

Adding contact will let that person to see your profile picture, last seen time, status, About information. So before adding the contact have these things in your mind.