How to Register Complaints Against Private Schools in Delhi

complaints against private schools Delhi step-2

Is your child is studying in any private school in Delhi? Do you have any issue regarding fee hike? are you not happy with school management? is school management is not giving school uniforms even they already taken payment. is your child facing the problem like lack of books, uniform or any others issue? If… [Read More]

How to Pay Property Tax in Bangalore (BBMP)

property tax in Bangalore

Property tax is a tax payable on the property you have like land or farm, it is on the annual basis to the state government or the municipal corporation. Taxes are an important resource of income of any government. Property tax is one of them and it plays a big role in the income of… [Read More]

How to Apply for Tatkal Passport Online in India

Tatkal Passport

We will Cover the following ►Fee for issue of Tatkaal Passport ►Applicants who cannot apply under the Tatkaal scheme ►How long will it take to get a Tatkaal passport ►Steps to apply online for tatkal passport ►Required documents for tatkal passport Do you need Tatkal passport urgently? You can get within one day, Government of… [Read More]

How to Check Iqama Validity and Expiry status in Saudi Arabia

Check Iqama-Expiry in saudi

In Saudi Arabia Ministry of interior website provide you the facility to check your Iqama status/Muqeem Card Status online. It’s very easy to check the Validity & Expiry Date online in Saudi Arabia. For this you should have only valid Iqama number and follow step by step guide. Some important information about iqama For expatriates,… [Read More]

How to Check Saudi Visa Status

saudi arabia visa check

From a very long time, there has been a confusion in mind of everyone who always seeks to check their visa status. Before there were very fewer options to check Saudi visa status and so there were many problems faced by the travelers. Checking visa for Saudi earlier was a big task, and still few… [Read More]

How to Get AIIMS Appointment online

aiims appointment

AIIMS is one of the top reputed medical college and hospitals in India. Affordability, quality healthcare, and trust are the backbone of AIIMS, Doctors are highly qualified and experienced, they have expertise in the various fields. All the difficult and unique case come to AIIMS hospital for treatment. They are delivering the high quality of… [Read More]

How to find Sports Internships

sports internships

Looking for sports internships? If you are thinking internships your job opportunities in the sports industry, the very first step you have to do is to search for good and reputable companies. To break into the sports industry you need to have full knowledge of your preferred area in which you are willing to do… [Read More]