How to Apply for Tatkal Passport Online in India

Tatkal Passport

We will Cover the following ►Fee for issue of Tatkaal Passport ►Applicants who cannot apply under the Tatkaal scheme ►How long will it take to get a Tatkaal passport ►Steps to apply online for tatkal passport ►Required documents for tatkal passport Do you need Tatkal passport urgently? You can get within one day, Government of… [Read More]

How to Renew Indian Passport Online

passport renew

A passport remains valid for a fixed period. After that period, you have to apply for a new passport or you can renew it. Many of us think different questions like Do we need police verification? Do we need a letter from District Collector, SP or Military Officer? Do we need an affidavit from notary?… [Read More]

How to apply for passport online in India


There were days when applying for the passport was quite lengthy and slow process. But nowadays with the help of internet the process has become very easy and fast. You can apply for the passport and within few days, you will receive it. In India, you can apply from the official site of the Ministry… [Read More]

How to Change ECR Passport into ECNR in UAE


As per the Indian Government Emigration Act, 1983, the online application being rejected for the Indian passport without emigration clearance page. Ministery of labour’s website is rejecting visa applications with Indian passport that do not have an immigration clearance not required (ECNR) stamp in their passport. Now you are working in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi… [Read More]

How to Remove ECR Stamp in Saudi Arabia

emigration check required

In India ECR(emigration check required) stamp is creating too much problem for foreign workers.  I talk to one of my friend in Mumbai. He said a lot of people are suffering due to ECR(emigration check required) stamp in the passport. Requirement agency is not allowing them to attend interview because of ECR(emigration check required) stamp…. [Read More]

How to Remove ECR Stamp From Indian Passport

ECR stamp deletion form

If you have Passport you would have been familiar with the acronyms ECR passport and ECNR passport. What are these? These are the stamps that put on the passport from the office of POE- Protectors of Emigration. if you are going to abroad for employment. and you have ECR in Passport. you are going to face… [Read More]

How to Check Passport is ECR or ECNR on an Indian Passport


ECR passport and ECNR passport are currently hot Topic in India. many people don’t know what is ECR passport and ECNR passport. or how to check, my passport is  ECR passport or ECNR? Now it’s very important to know your passport categories to avoid any type of inconvenience during your flight. What is ECR passport – ECR full form is (Emigration Check Required). If… [Read More]