How to Find Approved GAMCA Medical Centre in Chennai


To ensure that the hired worker is in well physical condition and is not suffering from any serious medical illness, gulf countries conduct a medical test before approving the visa for Asian countries employees. GAMCA Medical is required if you clear interview for job in gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the… [Read More]

How to know Many reasons of Failure in GAMCA

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GAMCA medical test is a common medical test as per GCC medical laws, for going any GCC countries on a work visa. Before going any Gulf countries, you have to be clear GCC Medical test. It’s not so easy as you think. If you once unfit in this test you will be ban for the… [Read More]

How to Find GAMCA Centres in Islamabad

GAMCA-GCC Approved Medical Centres Association. It is also known as GCC test. The GAMCA test is very important for getting visa in some countries especially for Gulf countries. GAMCA test is a series of tests. If the GAMCA report proves you unfit then you will be banned for visa of Gulf countries for forever. The… [Read More]

How to Pass GAMCA Medical Test in Pakistan


While thinking of working in abroad what will you think of- passport and visa. But there is one more important thing which is required before working or living in abroad for some countries. But it is very important in Gulf countries. That is a medical test named GAMCA(gulf approved medical centres association Pakistan ). This is… [Read More]

How to Pass GAMCA Medical Exam in Nepal


GAMCA you have heard about this thing. This is nothing but a medical test which is very crucial for moving to the country whether it is for living or doing a job. There are many countries which have made the GAMCA test compulsory for the person of other countries. The major concern of this test… [Read More]

How to Know Current GAMCA Medical Fees

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GAMCA Medical test is required for all those people who wants to go Gulf Country to work there. After getting fit medical Certificate from GAMCA you can go to any GCC country (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar).  Before GAMCA medical Exam you should know How to pass GAMCA medical. For GCC Medical Test… [Read More]

How to Find GAMCA Approved Medical Centre in India

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When you got a job in Gulf countries before you go there you have to pass gamca medical examination. and it’s very important to know how to pass gmaca medical test. after getting gamca medical certificate from authorized gamca centers in India. you can travel to your dream country. I suggest you if you have… [Read More]