How to Send Western Union Money Through Albilad Bank


Is sending money to your home country by western union is very painful? generally, you have to go to western union branch and there are long queues. people are standing there from 1 or 2 hours and you are also going to do the same. is it true? yes. Because I am also one of… [Read More]

How to Check Iqama Validity and Expiry status in Saudi Arabia

Check Iqama-Expiry in saudi

In Saudi Arabia Ministry of interior website provide you the facility to check your Iqama status/Muqeem Card Status online. It’s very easy to check the Validity & Expiry Date online in Saudi Arabia. For this you should have only valid Iqama number and follow step by step guide. Some important information about iqama For expatriates,… [Read More]

How to Check Saudi Visa Status

saudi arabia visa check

From a very long time, there has been a confusion in mind of everyone who always seeks to check their visa status. Before there were very fewer options to check Saudi visa status and so there were many problems faced by the travelers. Checking visa for Saudi earlier was a big task, and still few… [Read More]

How to Get GCC Driving License?

gcc driving licence

GCC driving licence you can only get in GCC countries. Many time during the interview for gulf country employer asks about GCC driving licence. Or many time when jobs advertisement came in the newspaper they mention there this vacancy only for GCC driving licence holder. It means candidate should have gulf experience. And you should… [Read More]

How to Remove ECR Stamp in Saudi Arabia

emigration check required

In India ECR(emigration check required) stamp is creating too much problem for foreign workers.  I talk to one of my friend in Mumbai. He said a lot of people are suffering due to ECR(emigration check required) stamp in the passport. Requirement agency is not allowing them to attend interview because of ECR(emigration check required) stamp…. [Read More]

How to register your degree in Saudi Council of Engineers

register your engineering degree in Saudi Council of Engineers

All Engineers Who working in KSA, want’s to register in Saudi Council of Engineers in Saudi Arab. If you are going to Saudi Arab and having engineer degree and want to do the profession of engineering there then you have to register yourself in Saudi Council of engineers. It is very important for because it… [Read More]

How to Get a Family Visit Visa for Saudi Arabia

Apply Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia step-1

Saudi Arab is one of the world’s largest oil producer and largest exporter Country in the world. Some People says Saudi is dry places in the world but because of job opportunities this place has become happening. Most of the people live alone in here. It is difficult to live far away from your dear… [Read More]