How to Inquire about Qatar Visa Online

qatar visa checking

A visa is conditional authorization document granted by a country to a particular person, allowing them to enter in their country for fix time or to leave that country. Now You are planning to visit Qatar for work and visit purpose, and you got you visa from any office or agents. It is very important… [Read More]

How to renew Indian passport in Qatar

indian passport renewal

You are working in Qatar and passport is going to expire. Here step by step guide. how to renew your passport while in Qatar. Note- you are advised to apply for renewal before 3 months of the expiry of passport. Here is the complete process- Required Documents for Indian passport renewal  in Qatar– you will… [Read More]

How to Check Qatar Visa Status Online


As we have previously discussed how to apply for family visa visit in Qatar. Now we talk about how to check Qatar visa status. Visa status means for how many more days it is valid. Visa status is very crucial because it remains for a limited time period. In the Gulf countries, the laws and… [Read More]

How to know about Life in Doha


Here we are again with some knowledge which will help you in to understand about life in Doha Qatar. First of all you should know where the Doha is. Doha is capital of Qatar. As you know gulf countries are famous for oil and most of the time for shopping destinations. On the other hand… [Read More]

How to know about Beautiful Life in Qatar

Life in Qatar

The Qatar is a gulf country situated in the Southwest Asia. It is a part of Arabian Peninsula at the Persian Gulf. It’s capital is Doha. Qatar has monarchy system and it has the rule of ‘Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani’. As the gulf countries are famous for oil resources. Qatar has the… [Read More]

How to Apply Family Visit Visa For Qatar

Family visit visa for Qatar

Gulf countries are the good place to visit and expatriates want to bring their family to visit Qatar. As we know Qatar is rich country and life in Qatar is very beautiful. Those people who want to visit Qatar for meeting their relatives apply family visit visa for Qatar. Family visit visa for Qatar If… [Read More]