How to Register Online on Etribal Maharashtra Website

etribal Maharashtra

Etribal is a scheme for scholarships for these courses- post metric, pre-metric, Hostel management and ashramshala management. These scholarships are offered only by Maharashtra government to encourage education in the state. The official site of this etribal is The department of tribal development controls this site. You can find all the details about this scholarship… [Read More]

How to Get Learning and Permanent Driving Licence in Mumbai

mumbai rto online test

As you know if you are going to apply for driving licence first you have to apply for the learning licence and after that for a permanent licence. Today we are going to explain you step by step procedure how to apply for learning licence Mumbai and permanent licence via online.  There will be two… [Read More]

How to apply for Schengen visa in Mumbai

Schengen visa in Mumbai

Now you can apply Schengen visa in Mumbai city. First of all, What is Schengen visa? Schengen is a group of 26 European countries. They have signed agreements. One of them is Schengen visa. Because of this visa, you can travel through more than one country of Schengen group countries. You don’t need to apply… [Read More]