How to Pay Road Tax in Bangalore

road tax in Bangalore

If you have registered your vehicle outside Karnataka then be prepared to pay road tax (again) in Karnataka. The road tax is nothing but a tax that you will pay to use your vehicle in an Indian state. So if you are going to use your vehicle in two states then you will pay tax… [Read More]

How to apply for Schengen Visa from Bangalore

Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa hope you have heard these words before. what is Schengen visa? It is the visa which gives you the freedom to travel through more than one country of Schengen group with only one visa. Schengen group have 26 countries and In this case, you don’t have to apply for different countries through your… [Read More]

How to Pay Property Tax in Bangalore (BBMP)

property tax in Bangalore

Property tax is a tax payable on the property you have like land or farm, it is on the annual basis to the state government or the municipal corporation. Taxes are an important resource of income of any government. Property tax is one of them and it plays a big role in the income of… [Read More]

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online in Bangalore


A birth certificate is a legal document of a person’s birth in a certain region of any part of the country. It is very necessary because of its authenticity. If someone is applying any document birth certificate will be asked foremost. Suppose applying for the passport, birth certificate is mandatory. As birth certificate holds the basic details… [Read More]

How to Pay Bangalore electricity bill (BESCOM) Online


BESCOM is the power supplier in Karnataka and covers 8 districts. Bangalore also comes under its power supply coverage. BESCOM has given customers the facility of online electricity bill payment in Bangalore. With this, you don’t need queue up in the electricity offices. Here is the step by step guidance for how to pay a… [Read More]

How to Check and Pay Traffic Fines in Bangalore


With traffic online fine payment service, anyone can check fines like red light crossing fine or number plate related fines on her/his vehicles online. The traffic police uploaded the details of fining of the vehicle on its official sites. One can easily pay it by debit/credit Card or net banking. Bangalore is a big city… [Read More]

How to apply for aadhar card online in Bangalore

aadhar card bangalore

In the Aadhar card, there is a 12 digits number which is called Unique Identification Number. It is issued by authority of India named UIDAI- Unique Identification Authority of India which was formed on 28th January 2009. Aadhaar card contains both the demographic and the biometric details of a resident in India . These details… [Read More]