How to Send Western Union Money Through Albilad Bank


Is sending money to your home country by western union is very painful? generally, you have to go to western union branch and there are long queues. people are standing there from 1 or 2 hours and you are also going to do the same. is it true? yes. Because I am also one of… [Read More]

How to Start Your Career in Mathematics

career in Mathematics

Mathematics has been an interesting and logical subject in our life. We find it very useful in day to day. without mathematics, we can’t imagine current luxury life. You go out for shopping, withdrawing money from ATM, ATM machine is working on mathematics algorithm. mathematics is doing a very important role in today business also… [Read More]

How to Pay Road Tax in Bangalore

road tax in Bangalore

If you have registered your vehicle outside Karnataka then be prepared to pay road tax (again) in Karnataka. The road tax is nothing but a tax that you will pay to use your vehicle in an Indian state. So if you are going to use your vehicle in two states then you will pay tax… [Read More]

How to apply for Schengen Visa from Bangalore

Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa hope you have heard these words before. what is Schengen visa? It is the visa which gives you the freedom to travel through more than one country of Schengen group with only one visa. Schengen group have 26 countries and In this case, you don’t have to apply for different countries through your… [Read More]

How to Start a Career in Amazon


It’s easy to find a job at amazon. Amazon people has done a very good job in having simplified job portal for careers. But before searching for a job at amazon make sure that you have a strong and sounding resume for your profile. If you don’t have one then don’t worry, you can still… [Read More]

How to Register Complaints Against Private Schools in Delhi

complaints against private schools Delhi step-2

Is your child is studying in any private school in Delhi? Do you have any issue regarding fee hike? are you not happy with school management? is school management is not giving school uniforms even they already taken payment. is your child facing the problem like lack of books, uniform or any others issue? If… [Read More]

How to Pay Property Tax in Bangalore (BBMP)

property tax in Bangalore

Property tax is a tax payable on the property you have like land or farm, it is on the annual basis to the state government or the municipal corporation. Taxes are an important resource of income of any government. Property tax is one of them and it plays a big role in the income of… [Read More]